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Static IP Addresses for the Masses


Works With Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How do I get a Static IP Address?

Depending on your broadband ISP, it might be possible (although probably very expensive) to obtain a static IP through them. You may try this route, but be forewarned that it will probably set you back a great deal of time, money and involve spending a lot of time on hold.  

Many broadband providers refuse to provide static IP addresses unless you buy an expensive business package. They also often ask intrusive questions about why you would want a static IP.

If you are looking for an EASY and INEXPENSIVE alternative to all of that hassle, you are in the right place.  After clicking the signup now button, we can have your Static IP up and working on your computer in just a few minutes. 

MyStaticIPAddress.com is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of Static IP Address service at affordable rates. 

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