Static IP Addresses for the Masses


Works With Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why do I Need a Static IP?

Most broadband connections come with a single DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS. This arrangement works very well for many users as long as they only want to RECIEVE information from the internet or send it out manually. BUT... If you want to be able to have your computer SEND data to other computers on the internet, this arrangement doesn't work so well.

Imagine for a moment that your cellphone had a DYNAMIC PHONE NUMBER. This would work fine if you just wanted to place outbound calls. It probably wouldn't be much use at all for recieving calls since nobody would know what your number is since it keeps changing all the time.

Virtually any "Server" type of application that you may wish to run will require that you have a Static IP address. Your broadband provider usually doesn't give out Static IPs since they don't want you to have the capability to run a server. 

If you live outside of the United States, a U.S. static ip address will help you to use popular U.S. websites like PayPal, Netflix, Amazon and Ebay.                

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